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Welcome to Crime Deter

Welcome to Crime Deter


CrimeDeter was founded in 2012 by the present Senior Management Team, all of whom have many years experience in law enforcement and operated during their police service at the highest level both nationally and internationally.


Our aim at CrimeDeter is to bring a fresh approach to crime prevention for the benefit of all our clients.  We believe that they deserve to be protected from the effect that crime has on their business through the provision of a well designed crime prevention strategy underpinned by initiatives intended to reinforce the crime prevention message.  Where clients fall victim to crime we believe they deserve to receive a quality response by experienced and professional advisor’s whose roll is to mitigate the effect that crime has on the business.


Where necessary we will conduct thorough investigations on behalf of the client to augment the work of the police.  All our investigations into criminal offences are carried out against a backdrop of building sustainable crime reduction and increased profitability for our clients.  CrimeDeter seek to be innovative in all that we do and are happy to enter into shared risk programmes designed to give clients confidence that we will do our utmost to meet the objectives set within the brief provided to us.


CrimeDeter has gained a reputation for applying simple measures to build a culture of security within businesses that assists clients to increase business and drive up profit to the benefit of all.  It is most important to us that we offer a service that provides a return on investment


CrimeDeter offers all clients a security management service built on thorough risk assessments, strategic and tactical recommendations, project management to implement the strategy and, when necessary, a professional investigation following an incident.  All our services are designed to reduce the impact of crime on the business.


CrimeDeter is also able to provide The Level 3 Professional Investigators Award, a nationally recognised qualification for the UK’s Professional Investigators, which leads to an invigilated examination approved by the Industry Qualifications Awarding Body.  This award meets the required standard of study and knowledge for the Professional Investigator license for the SIA.


In summary CrimeDeter’s business solutions provide the following:


• Comprehensive crime reduction plans

• Sustainable crime reduction

• Return on investment

• Innovative funding models to share the risk with the client

• Comprehensive investigations designed to reinforce the crime prevention message.

• Contingency planning including crisis management

• Training in the Level 3 Professional Investigators Course



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